National Symbol Returns to the Little Miami !

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LMC ‘Wildlife Wednesday” Series a Hit with Kids of all Ages!
LMC & Clermont County Park District Partner

Raptors LIVE! Brings Kids Face to Face with River Birds in 2017

From fossils to feather physics to Fall on the Little Miami, the free six-part series “Wildlife Wednesday” introduced fascinating topics to close to 500 children and their parents in it’s first year at the LMC Center in Loveland. 

In 2017 Wildlife Wednesday programs will be held at the LMC Center at 211 Railroad Avenue on April 12, May 10, June 14, July 12, August 9, September 13,  October 11.

For more information, check the Little Miami Conservancy FACEBOOK page.  Fly in and join us for these free fascinating programs. Free to kids of all ages.  Weather dependent.

2017 LMC Lower Little Miami Clean Sweep
REI Funds Ongoing LMC Restoration Effort Along 50 Miles of River

Aided by a generous grant by REI, LMC volunteers are busy again this year collecting tires and trash from the lower 50 miles of the Little Miami!  Since its first “Clean Sweep” in 1971, thousands of LMC volunteers have made a major difference in restoring the “wild & scenic” nature of the river.  Just in the past 5 years LMC has removed well over 1000 tires from the river.  Many thanks to REI and all of our Clean Sweep Partners including RRT, Loveland Canoe, Great Parks of Hamilton County, Morgan’s Canoe, Rempke Markets, Pepper Construction, CH2M, Theta Tau, BSA Troop 817, BUFF. Loveland High School Seniors, Rotary Northeast, & more!

LMC Partners with DuPont and Bayer to Clean Up and Restore River “Superfund” Site at Peters Cartridge

This monthly series introduces hundreds of children, parents and grandparents to the wonders of the bird life along the Little Miami, enabling them to meet many magnificent birds face to face and learn about a wide variety of river natural wonders.  This educational effort was made possible through an LMC partnership with Raptor, Inc. and the YOT Foundation. MANY THANKS !

These wonderful one-hour programs are set for April 22, May 20, June 17, July 15, August 19, September 16, and October 21, 2017 at 2pm.  For more information, check the Little Miami Conservancy FACEBOOK page.  Fly in and join us for these free fascinating programs. Free to kids of all ages.  Weather dependent.


Rempke Markets, RRT, Pepper Construction, Boy Scouts and Theta Tau  are long-standing supporters of the LMC Clean Sweep!  JOIN US !

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“People love water and woods.  We are very lucky. We have a real treasure in the Little Miami River.”               George R. Henkle
                                                  LMC President 1968-1970

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  along the Little Miami National Wild & Scenic

Three generations of the Rasulis family installed a bench/picnic table at LMC river overlook.

The Little Miami Conservancy honored Mike Schueler for his 30 years of service as LMC President at the April 19, 2017 50th Anniversary Dinner at the Manor House in Mason, OH.  (Photo left is Mike and Digi Schueler with the 2017 Little Miami Legacy Award). LMC Executive Director Eric B. Partee praised Schueler for his many contributions to LMC’s mission, ranging from his negotiations to save the Foster riverfront  to his invaluable guidance in working with developers along the river to achieve a “win-win” solution that balances environmental protection and economic development.


Mike Schueler Honored at 50th Anniversary

Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard was a wonderful keynote speaker.

Former LMC Executive Directors Tim Burke, Tom Beehan and their families  were on hand to celebrate 50 years of river conservation.

Tim Burke, John Williams, Les Ungers, and Greg Schrand enjoying Thane Maynard’s river stories, including his visit to Foster with Jane Goodall. John Williams is the grandson of LMC co-incorporator Charles Sawyer.

Charter LMC member Helen Black was among LMC early leaders interviewed in an inspirational 50th Anniversary video (see below).

New LMC President Rhett Rohrer and wife Brandy are congratulated by Upper River Fund Chairman Irv Bieser at the social hour preceding the dinner, attended by 196 people.

“Double Eagle” awards of appreciation were presented to individuals and groups who make key contributions to river conservation this past year,
including Robert K. Finley, Dean Evans, Boy Scout Troop 817, Milford Jr. High School, Great Parks of Hamilton County (GPHC Director Jack Sutton pictured above right), Clermont County Park District, Cardinal Land Conservancy, Cincinnati Nature Center,

As you enjoy  the Little Miami Scenic Trail near Kings Mills you may have noticed the massive effort now concluding to remove contaminated soils along the river at the historic Peters Cartridge ammunitions factory. These denuded areas now abound with native trees and wild flowers. Soon LMC educational signage will be added explaining the importance of this habitat to pollinators, courtesy of a recent “Feed A Bee” grant to LMC from Bayer.

Devere Burt, Elizabeth Pierce, Eric Partee, Bill Hopple, Buck Niehoff and Thane Maynard joined some 80 friends on June 21, 2107 to help dedicate an LMC 37 acre nature preserve along the Little Miami National Wild & Scenic River near Mariemont.

LMC Honors Judy and John A. Ruthven with dedicated nature preserve at Horseshoe Bend

Music Rambles on the River for LMC

Dirk and Lori Morgan hosted the Morgan’s Riverside Ramble in support of LMC’s river conservation along the Little Miami on September 23rd north of Morrow.  Nine great country bands entertained the crowd. Yellow Springs Brewery served craft beer and helped raised funds for LMC throughout the concert.  Many thanks for Dirk, Lori, Taylor and the wonderful LMC volunteers who made the day a success. Congratulations to Susan of Maineville winning the LMC kayak raffle!  See you next year.  Ramble On!


LMC Volunteers Plant 50,000 Sycamores

Where do Bald Eagles and Great Blue Herons love to build their nests along the Little Miami? In Sycamores! 

LMC is happy to distributed Sycamore trees seed packets to volunteers to plant as they canoe the Little Miami.

Many thanks to the Outdoor Adventure Club of Greater Cincinnati who has taken the lead in planting these seeds!

LMC Commemorative Video ENJOY!

Nov 17th Toast to LMC’s 50th a Success

One hundred forty river friends celebrated LMC’s 50th anniversary at the Roads Rivers & Trails store in downtown Milford on November 17th.

Many thanks to Roads Rivers & Trails in for hosting this wonderful gathering anniversary with an outstanding silent auction and chance to “catch up” with all your river friends!

If you were unable to attend but would still like to support LMC’s efforts, just CLICK on DONATE button above. MANY THANKS!

LMC Books Spotlight Fish of the River and Support LMC

Whether you love fishing or learning about the fish in the river, you’ll enjoy LMC’s “Steve Coomer’s Little Miami River—Fishing, Facts & Folklore !”  If you have a youngster in your family that could be inspired to care about “Smallmouth

Sonny” and his river friends, you’ll want to make this second book a gift that they will always remember !

Enjoy these video versions of LMC’s Smallmouth SONNY!

Purchase both books online on the Little Miami Conservancy’s FACEBOOK page, or at area outdoor shops. Proceeds benefit LMC’s river conservation efforts.

Rhett Rohrer Elected New LMC President

RRT and LMC renew 2018 Clean Sweep partnership

YOU can sign up for one of four dates for this year’s RRT river clean up floats. 

And MORE dates are available—just email for more info at

ENJOY this GREAT 3-minute video on the LMC Clean Sweep courtesy of our friends at PEPPER CONSTRUCTION!

Photo top above: Roads Rivers and Trail co-owner Bryan Wolfe paddles in with a load of “treasures” in last year’s Clean Sweep.  Photo above Pepper Construction’s Sharon Jackson and fellow co-workers pose with 84 tires and other trash on their leg of the 2017 Clean Sweep. Photo right, bringing in a water heater is real challenge!

Tecumseh returns to the Little Miami !

CLICK on the image LEFT for a wonderful VIDEO on Tecumseh and LMC’s efforts